Masao Yamada

Chief Operating Officer, Masao Yamada, has spent the better part of two decades working in the music industry and engaged with youth empowerment organizations. 

As an artist manager for various musical acts in the Seattle region Masao has managed to build relationships with not only local and national musicians but prides himself on the relationships with community leaders. It wasn't until recent years that Masao's purpose in the music industy became clear, when he met the founder of the Melodic Caring Project; an organization that streams live music to children and teens in the hospital to incorporate healing through the art of music. Masao has since been added to the Board of Directors for the Melodic Caring Project and has made it a mission to bring awareness to the music community and their artists to embrace the positive healing effects that their music creates.


Recently, Masao has assisted in establishing and sits on the Board of Directors for WheelLab; a 501(c)(3) devoted to offering innovative opportunities for youth to develop mechanical and social skills through bike builds, camaraderie, and leadership skill development. 


Masao has also become a fixture with the Boys & Girls Club as a Director of High School programming. He has developed a leadership group that takes extreme pride in their civic duties. His leadership group has been involved in numerous community projects and has developed partnerships with over 20 organizations covering issues such as homelessness, education, environment/conservation, health, disabilities, disaster relief, arts and culture plus many more. 

Masao embodies the "You Can" mentality and has been recognized as a community leader who Empowers, Inspires, and Grows everyday by Creating Opportunities for others and himself.