Anatalia Wright

My story. My inspiration.

Growing up in an underpriviledged household, I'm familiar with the sense of insecurity and longing for things I didn't have, hoping for opportunities that didn't seem achievable. This home, sometimes full of chaos and strife, turned into the perfect storm for my two intelligent, loving, kind-hearted and eager older brothers: Christopher and Nathan Wright. Addiction consumed our family and at the young ages of 28 and 30, both Chris and Nate died within three months of each other from afflictions with their drug dependencies. Tears of frustration, anger and unanswered questions followed for me, and I remember my brothers fondly and for the potential that was lost on them, courtesy of addiction.


My goal is to channel this energy, grief, pain and sorrow into POSITIVITY. Even if it means a different outcome for just one individual in our community, we've succeeded.

What if you were limitless?


Imagine you are:






You are ready to get out into the world to show everyone what drives you and what you can do with that determination. This is how I want every single person involved in projectUcan to feel.

The loss of my brothers' lives to substance abuse will not defeat or define me. To honor their lives, we created the projectUcan scholarship fund, currently available to students enrolled in the Seattle based Community for Youth Mentorship Program. 

We are building a community to liberate youth and encourage calculated risk taking. We aim to challenge these students to take the steps in becoming the person they envision themselves to be. This is a growing movement that will capture the "You Can" mentality instilled in all of us.