Since 1985, Community for Youth (CfY) has been changing lives. Combining one-on-one mentorship with directed workshops and fun, community-building activities, they help underserved teens from the most vulnerable South Seattle high schools grow and thrive. 

In 2015 ProjectUcan developed a partnership with CfY to assist graduating Seniors in meeting their post secondary financial needs through a scholarship program. We are proud to announce that over 70% of graduating CfY Seniors have applied for the scholarship.  In 2016, ProjectUcan awarded THREE scholarships to deserving high school seniors as they embark to further their education and breed positivity on their new found scholastic journey.  This year, we are fortunate enough to be able to recognize FOUR high school seniors and support them as they embark on a new chapter of their lives.

Our 2017 Scholars

Thang Mai, Cleveland High School, Seattle

I will be attending the University of Washington in the fall and will be enrolling in  the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering.  My passions for this field developed the end of my junior year, when I had the opportunity for a job shadow at Coughlin Porter Lundeen. This civil and structural engineering firm allowed me to examine Civil Engineers design and model, which was truly amazing.  After my hands on experience, I gained a newfound passion for Engineering Firms. This interest lead me to discover many integrated dual programs designed to help students in the engineering field branch out into a business career. I see this as a great stepping stone into the business field as an Engineer who plans to establish his own firm. Rather than just earning a degree in Engineering, these dual programs will suit my aspirations. Not only will I continue my technical work as an Engineer, I will also be educated on the business aspects of managing a firm.  I'm thankful for the opportunity and support of Projectucan & their scholarship program to help get me started on my dreams.

Yasmeen Herrera, Franklin High School, Seattle

I am proud to be attending Central Washington University in 2017. Not only do they have a variety of careers that I’m interested in, such majors in Education and Law, but the diversity makes me feel like I'm in a safe place. I have always attended schools with a lot of diversity, and feel like I needed to be on a college campus where this holds true as well. Central has a large number of Spanish speaking students, with that being said, I plan to improve my Spanish and travel to other Spanish speaking countries to teach English. I may have faced challenges in life when I was an ELL student (English Language Learner) but I will use this as life experience and look forward to helping others who are in the same place as I was.  


I am proud of my achievements so far & I am grateful for the recognition of Projectucan & their higher education award to assist in me attaining my dreams. 

Thuy Luu, Cleveland High School, Seattle 

I'm thrilled to be receiving one of Projectucan's higher education scholarships this year to help me achieve my career goal: to become a park ranger.


Ever since middle school when I attended my first after school class for gardening, I knew I wanted to change the world by protecting the environment. I am most interested in environmental science and would like to dedicate my career to wildlife conservation with my college education.  I will be attending the University of Washington for Environmental Science & Terrestrial Management fall of 2017. As important as a college education is, I know what will prepare me the most for the park ranger position at any National Park is to do field research and get to know the outdoors. I currently volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium and hope to intern for Friday Harbor Labs. There are many other opportunities at UW that I will take advantage of to gain experience and develop a well rounded resume for my career aspirations.  

Zion Thomas, Rainier Beach High School, Seattle

What drives me is my family, and my vigor to get further in my education. My passion is to change pop culture one day through my films, photography (and journalism articles).  I plan on attending St. John's University in Queens, New York, fall of 2017.  I will be double majoring in Film & Television Production as well as Photojournalism with a minor in Spanish.  After that, I plan to open up my own studio for photography and later on in life grow my studio into a production company in hopes of changing the pop culture landscape through my art.

I am beyond grateful for those who have supported me in my journey so far, and I am happy to be part of the Projectucan community and 2nd annual scholarship award winner group for 2017.

Our 2016 Scholars

Julian Macumn

I will be attending Bellevue CC for 2 years in order to get an associates degree in Biology, and then I plan to transfer to Hawaii to complete my degree in Marine Biology. I am truly inspired by Oceanography and once I complete my degree i'm hoping to visit this specific aquarium in Japan named the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan as a visitor, employee, or just to study the marine life. The aquarium is actually what ultimately solidified my desire to study marine biology.  I'm grateful to Projectucan for this opportunity to help launch me into my studies.

Laura Bate

My true passion is music.  One day I would love to open my own studio to produce music and have my own radio station.  I would help build small independent artists’ careers and help them become well known.  Why do I want to do this?  I want to do this because I know that I’m not talented enough, but I admire that talent in others and even though I can’t have a career in performing, I want to help other people succeed with their dreams of performing.  I want to meet a whole bunch of different types of people with different experiences and apply that to my life.  Music is the perfect way for me to do this.

Rahel Galato
I am excited to be studying at the University of Washington in the fall of 2016.  I moved to the United States 3 years ago from Ethopia.  The epidemic of the HIV virus back home  is overwhelming.  I am planning on studying Bio Chemestry at UW and once I complete my degree, hope to work with researchers and doctors to continue studying HIV and to help find a cure.  It's my dream to one day be able to help others, like the many, many innocent people in Ethopia who suffer from this life threatening diseas.  Thanks to Projectucan for not only believing in me and my passions, but for helping me to attain my dreams.